WEBAT (wifi+battery)

Explosive combination between wifi marketing portable battery charger

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WEBAT is born from the merger of two of our smartWE and smartBAT products.


We love Battery

WEBAT is born from the Fusion of two of our smartWE products (WIFI for your establishment)
and smartBAT. (battery charger)
Who wouldn’t like to have free WiFi in any establishment and be able to charge their mobile?

Battery and WIFI for your business

In addition, you’ll be able to capture emails to create segmented databases for the next offers and discounts you want to offer.
Loyalty and improves your customer experience.

Thanks to Webat’s features and more specifically WIFI, we will attract customers through their e-mail and you will be able to offer you benefits that will grow your business.


With Webat we increase the number of contacts allowing you to communicate with your customer and offer Customer Services. In addition, it has a battery charger, thus gaining its trust and offering different services such as the charging of devices and wifi throughout the establishment. Effective solution to get to know your customers better and above all take advantage of their social networks.

Adds VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS (franchises, bars, restaurants etc…)

With a 10000mAH battery that offers high charging speed, this charging station is perfect for restaurants, bars, franchises etc…
It has four built-in USB outputs, all so your customers can charge their devices without moving from where they are.

Easy, fast and seen immediately

Your customers will be able to charge their phones securely. they’ll have a battery in case someone calls them at the same table. It’s definitely perfect if you’re away from home and need to be connected.




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